Needless to say, these are ideal for American holidays like July 4th, President's Birthdays, Labor Day, Memorial Day, etc. And they're fun. You could specialize in American Composers, Patriotic tunes, or various regions of the country. Use props, guest artists, singers, children, almost anything, and create some wonderful "All American" programs!


A Sacred Collection, Vol. III: Four Southern Folk Hymns, arr. William Averitt (III, FC-82) 

  • Evening Shade
  • Brethren, We Have Met to Worship
  • So Fades the Lovely Blooming Flower
  • The Morning Trumpet

Amazing Grace, arr. Ricky Lombardo (I+, FQ-07)

Autumn Reunion, Raymond Gariglio (III+, FC-100)

*BAD* Girls, Douglas Borwick (IV, FC-156)

The Cascades, Joplin/arr. Kenley Inglefield (III, FC-85)

Colonel Bogey, Alford/arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-161)

Gay 90’s Medley, arr. Ricky Lombardo (III, FC-52)

In Remembrance, Red/arr. Nora Kile (II, FC-72)

Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, Foster/arr. David Heywood (I+, FQ-28)

Legends from the Greenwood, Catherine McMichael (III+, FQ-20)

The Liberty Bell, Sousa/arr. Ricky Lombardo (III, FC-46)

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Watts/arr. Amy Rice-Young (II, FC-02)

Pastorale, Charles Threatte (IV, FC-81)

Pink Panther Suite, Book 1, Henry Mancini/arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-05)

  • The Pink Panther Theme
  • It Had Better Be Tonight
  • Royal Blue

Pink Panther Suite, Book 2, Henry Mancini/arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-06)

  • The Village Inn
  • Shades of Sennett

Sacred and Everlasting Songs, arr. David Uber (II, FQ-21)

  • Shall We Gather at the River
  • Sweet and Low
  • Deep River
  • In the Gloaming

Sacred Medley, arr. Tommy Goff (II+, FC-115)

  • In the Garden
  • He is Lord
  • Rise Again
  • Majesty

The Star Spangled Banner, Smith/arr. Kathy Farmer (II, FT-16)

Tioga Waltz, Foster/arr. Jan Boland (FQ-09)

Trios for Fun, arr. Ricky Lombardo (II-III, FT-03)

  • Sailor’s Hornpipe
  • The American Patrol

Wondrous Love, arr. Donna Robertson (III, FT-07)