Any Day In (Your Town)

These are programs that can be put together any number of ways. It's great fun to walk an audience through a "typical" day, from morning till night, using music. Sound effects, such as an alarm clock, cars honking, dogs barking, etc., can be great fun. Perhaps create an imaginary family, and narrate their activities to go with the music. Or choose just a portion of the day. Try a "Good Morning" concert, or "Education Unlimited". Combine some of these with pieces from the "Magic & Mystery" program and dedicate a concert to "Nights" or "Evenings". Or get celestial and perform a program about the sky, the stars and the planets. Try it at a planetarium! There are endless possibilities.


Amazing Grace, arr. Ricky Lombardo (II+, FQ-07)

Aventurero, Amando Torres Arellano (II-III, FC-69)

The Cascades, arr. Kenny Inglefield (III, FC-85)

Chanson du Berceau, arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-86)

Children's Suite, Graham Powning (II-III, FC-19)

  • Pop Goes the Quartet
  • Oranges and Vodka
  • The Teddy Bears' Freakout

Dance of the Comedians, Smetana/arr. Ricky Lombardo (III-IV, FC-70)

The Dawning of the Last Day, Sonny Burnette (IV, FC-119)

Desperate Measures: Diary of One Mad Mother, Doug Borwick (IV, P-10)

Easy Four-Part Ensemble Songs, arr. David Uber (I, FQ-24)

  • Amazing Grace
  • In the Evening by the Moonlight
  • Home on the Range
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, W.A. Mozart/arr. Dorli McWayne (III, FC-42)

The Evening Star, Mendelssohn/Robert Webb (II+, FC-139)

Five Pieces, Genevieve Fritter (III, FC-33)

  • Blues
  • Prayer

Four Moods of Pan, Graham Powning (III-IV, FC-34)

  • Melancholy
  • Flippancy
  • Pensive
  • Revelry

Gentle Into the Night, Laura Shur (III, FTP-08)

  • Highlandia
  • Elegy
  • Nocturne
  • Ragtime
  • Yearning

He Never Sleeps, arr. Ricky Lombardo (II+, FC-135)

In Remembrance, Buryl Red/arr. Nora Kile (II, FC-72)

La Lune et Les Etoiles, Catherine McMichael (IV, FQ-19)

Marche Militaire Francaise, Saint-Saens/arr. Sondra Tucker (II+, FQ-17)

Memories of East Tennessee, Austin Alan Scott (III+, FC-114)

Morning Has Broken, arr. Amy Rice-Young (I+, FC-138)

Oh, the Places We’ll See, Phyllis Avidan Louke (III, FC-280)

Over the Edge, Benjamin Boone (V, FC-136)

Pink Panther Suite, Book 1, Henry Mancini/arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-05)

  • The Pink Panther Theme
  • It Had Better Be Tonight
  • Royal Blue

Pink Panther Suite, Book 2, Henry Mancini/arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-06)

  • The Village Inn
  • Shades of Sennett

Royal Fireworks Suite, Volume I, Handel/arr. Nora Kile (II-III, FC-95)

Royal Fireworks Suite, Volume II, Handel/arr. Nora Kile (II-III, FC-96)

School Days, arr. Ricky Lombardo (III-IV, FC-58)

A Scotsman Visits Tennessee, Alexander N. Abbott (II, FC-266)

Spanish Love Song, arr. Ann Pearce (II, FC-88)

Solstice, Carl Riley (II+, FT-10)

Uncharted Paths, Deborah Anderson (III, FC-155)