Original Works

The National Flute Choir has now released three CDs of all original works. "Over the Edge" (R-9), "High Altitude'" (R-14), and "Silver" (R-30) enable flutists to hear these pieces prior to investing in them.  We have found it a great joy to program and perform works composed specifically for Flute Choirs. While there are many possible titles and/or themes, our favorite is simply "Great Originals".


A Gaelic Offering, Catherine McMichael (III, FQ-15)

The Academie of Dance, Catherine McMichael (III+, FQP-25)

Ambage, Anne McGinty (II, FQ-01)

Autumn Reunion, Raymond Gariglio (III+, FC-100)

Aventurero, Amando Torres Arellano (II-III, FC-69)

*BAD* Girls, Douglas Borwick (IV, FC-156)

Children's Suite, Graham Powning (II-III, FC-19)

Cloud Forms, Opus 107, Cecil Effinger (V, FC-07)

Color Configurations, Dennis Hugh Avey (IV, FC-13)

Epigrams, Anne McGinty (II, FQ-02)

Five Pieces, Genevieve Fritter (III, FC-33)

Floris, Catherine McMichael (II-IV, FQP-09)

Flute Suite, Opus 41, Salvador Brotons (IV-V, FC-71)

Four Dances, Alan Chapman (III, FC-21)

Four Moods of Pan, Graham Powning (III-IV, FC-34)

Harlequin Suite I, Ira-Paul Schwarz (IV, FC-153)

Harlequin Suite II, Ira-Paul Schwarz (IV, FC-154)

La Lune et Les Etoiles, Catherine McMichael (IV, FQ-19)

Legends from the Greenwood, Catherine McMichael (III+, FQ-20)

Masques, Anne McGinty (III, FC-84)

Memories of East Tennessee, Austin Alan Scott (IV, FC-114)

Over the Edge, Benjamin Boone (V, FC-136)

Pastorale, Charles Threatte (IV, FC-81)

Sextet for Flutes, Matt Doran  (III+, FC-144)

Silver Celebration, Catherine McMichael (III, FC-162)

Silver Winds, Doug Borwick (IV+, FC-133)

Solstice, Carl Riley (II+, FT-10)

Sonador, Amando Torres Arellano (III, FC-74)

Sonnets, David Uber (IV-V, FC-55)

Stained Glass Images, Sonny Burnette (IV, FC-119)

Suite Butterfly, Phyllis Avidan Louke (III, FQ-22)

Symphony, Randy Navarre (IV-V, FC-75)

Triptych, James Cantor (V, FC-76)

Uncharted Paths, Deborah Anderson (III, FC-155)