Programs for Kids

Programs for kids are among the most fun concerts to present. But, kids being kids, they must be entertained. Theme programs work wonderfully. The following ideas are from programs that have been performed all around the world. They can be enhanced with narration, stories, poems, limericks, artwork, or any number of other ideas. For young children, it is best to keep programs relatively short and lively. Try adding an activity during intermission. We once invited a petting zoo for an "animal" concert. Characters in costume are always fun. Chances are that if you and your fellow performers are entertained, the audience will be as well!

Any Day In (Your Town)


From the British Isles

Magic & Mystery/Halloween


ALRY Publications is pleased to offer ideas to assist you with your programs. These lists are by no means complete. They are only suggestions, and are open to interpretation. We have listed the grade levels as guidelines. Not all of the pieces listed require a full flute choir. Refer to our catalog for complete descriptions. Adding other instruments, or featuring a soloist, is a perfect way to add variety.