Programs Through the Ages

Each different musical era offers opportunities for programs. Highlight a particular period of time, and take your audience there musically. Each period can be enhanced by using customs, artwork and literature. These programs are also ideal for combining with other groups for added diversity. For a traditional program, choose selections from each era and perform chronologically. One of our very favorite programs is called "The Sights and Sounds of History". It traces music, art and literature through the ages by incorporating a narrator with various readings (which can also be printed in the program), and slides of artworks created during the same period in which the music was composed. Any of these programs can have great educational value, and are perfect for humanities classes. Try making it "Truth or Fiction" and have students identify what is correct and what is false. This can be great fun, as truth is often stranger than fiction!

The Renaissance Era

The Baroque Era

The Classical Era

The Romantic Era

The Impressionist Era

Popular and Jazz Music

ALRY Publications is pleased to offer ideas to assist you with your programs. These lists are by no means complete. They are only suggestions, and are open to interpretation. We have listed the grade levels as guidelines. Not all of the pieces listed require a full flute choir. Refer to our catalog for complete descriptions. Adding other instruments, or featuring a soloist, is a perfect way to add variety.