Take a Trip

Travel musically and discover traditions in a variety of countries. This can be a wonderful education program, or can simply be fun. Choose various "modes of transportation" to get from country to country. There are lots of possible program titles: "All Around the World"; "Celebrate the Nations"; "Cruise 2000" or whatever year; "Plane, Trains and Boats" or "Dreams of Foreign Lands". There are many pieces that can be added to this list, depending on the direction you take. Bon Voyage!



After the Journey's Done, Carl Riley (III, FT-15)

Aventurero, Amando Torres Arellano (II-III, FC-69)

Cloud Forms, Opus 107, Cecil Effinger (V, F-07)

Easy Four-Part Ensemble Songs, arr. David Uber (I, FQ-24)

  • Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  • Home on the Range
  • A Capital Ship
  • Sailing, Sailing
  • How Can I Leave Thee

In Remembrance, Red/arr. Nora Kile (II, FC-72)

On the Light Side, Genevieve Fritter (IV, FDP-03)

  • On My Way
  • Easy Does It
  • Waltz
  • Fast Track

Reflections, Ricky Lombardo (IV, FC-22)

Soaring, Jennifer Grady (II+, FDP-08)

Sonador, Amando Torres Arellano (III, FC-74)

Uncharted Paths, Deborah Anderson (III, FC-155)