The Romantic Era

There are countless possibilities within this era. "Romancing the Flute" is one. These pieces can make a wonderful Valentine's Concert: "Your Heart's Desire". Many are songs or dances, thus "Romantic Moments in Song and Dance". Choose selections, too, for weddings, anniversaries, or many other special occasions.


Three "Atmospheric" Operatic Pieces, Puccini/Godard/Verdi/arr. Michael Axtell (III, FC-125)

Scherzo from Piano Sonata Op. 3, No. 2, Beethoven/arr. Martha Rearick (II-III, FC-09)

La Garde Montante from Carmen, Bizet/arr. Nancy Nourse (IV, FC-45)

How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place, Brahms/arr. Nora Kile (II, FQP-39)

March Militaire Francaise, Saint-Saens/arr. Sondra Tucker (II+, FQ-17)

Danse Macabre, Saint-Saens/arr. Angeleita Floyd (IV, FC-56)

Oratorio de Noel, Saint-Saens/arr. Bruce Behnke (III, FC-28)

Pie Jesu (from Requiem), Faure/arr. Bruce Behnke (II-III, FC-79)

Sicilienne, Faure/arr. Robert K. Webb (III, FC-47)

Cantique de Jean Racine, Faure/arr. Trevor Wye (II, FQP-15)

Pavane, Faure/arr. William Bennett (II+, FC-54)

Aus Holbergs Zeit, Grieg/arr. Nancy Nourse (IV, FC-59)

The Last Spring, Grieg/arr. Robert K. Webb (II, FC-87)

Andante (from the Italian Symphony, 2nd Movement), Mendelssohn/arr. Martha Rearick (III, FC-67)

The Evening Star, Mendelssohn/arr. Robert K. Webb (II+, FC-139)

Venetian Boat Song, No. 2, Mendelssohn/arr. Robert K. Webb (II+, FC-140)

Vocalise, Rachmaninoff/arr. Robert K. Webb (III+, FC-127)

Dance of the Comedians, Smetana, arr. Ricky Lombardo (III-IV, FC-70)

Die Fledermaus Overture, Strauss/arr. Tom Kennedy (IV, FC-118)

Andante Cantabile, Tchaikovsky/arr. Jennifer Higdon (II, FC-18)

A Little Norwegian Suite, Grieg/arr. Tonje Elisabeth Berg (III-IV, FC-303)

Beethoven's 9th Symphony (in 5 Minutes), Beethoven/arr. Judy Nishimura (III+, FC-290)