Weather Report

The weather always has, and will probably continue to be, one of the greatest topics of conversation. Discuss it musically! Invite a weather forecaster to be a narrator. Perhaps take a journey through the seasons. Raincoats, umbrellas, snowshoes, and swim suits (!!) can be effective costume additions


A Sacred Collection, Vol. I:, Marcello/arr. Bruce Behnke (II-III, FC-16)

  • Psalm 19 “The Heavens Declare

Autumn Reunion, Raymond Gariglio (III+, FC-100)

Autumn Vespers, Alexandra Molnar-Suhajda (III-IV, FC-309)

Bright and Glorious is the Sky, arr. Amy Rice-Young (III, FC-61)

Cloud Forms, Opus 107, Cecil Effinger (V, FC-07)

Concerto La Primavera (Spring), Vivaldi/arr. Bruce Behnke (IV, FC-20)

The Evening Star, Mendelssohn/arr. Robert K. Webb (II+, FC-139)

La Lune et Les Etoiles, Catherine McMichael (IV, FQ-19)

The Last Spring, Grieg/arr. Robert K. Webb (II, FC-87)

Legends from the Greenwood, Catherine McMichael (III+, FQ-20)

  • Hiawatha and the West Wind

Lo! Here the Gentle Lark, Bishop/arr. Michael Axtell (III+, FC-104)

Morning Has Broken, arr. Amy Rice-Young (I+, FC-138)

Rain, Ann Lindquist (II+, FC-299)

The Summer Rain, Carl Riley (III, FT-14)